New Mexico Concealed Carry Classes for $135

If you are serious about protection, self-defense and being prepared we want to teach you. S&H offers NM concealed carry classes, advanced personal protection, gun safety & handling, in-the home protection, outside the home protection, competition shooting, one-on-one and group lessons customized to meet your training needs. We are very lady-friendly.

When we are not instructing we are shooting in competitions at the highest levels. We train and shoot with champion shooters every weekend. USPSA, handgun, shotgun, rifle, and 3-gun at national and international levels. We are certified, international range officers. We bring our experiences and techniques back to the classroom to help make you the best prepared you can be.

As an American, I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. That's why I chose to obtain a concealed carry license. My instructor, Heidi, has a phenomenal ability to put everything into perspective. She is a great teacher who takes time to answer questions and offers a hands-on training method that allows everyone to feel safe and carry with confidence.

—Susana Martinez, 31st Governor of New Mexico
Chief Instructor Heidi Chowning training with Lanny Barnes. Lanny is a three-time Olympic Bi-Athlete, 2024 NRA World Shooting Lady Champion, 2023 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot Lady's Champion, and winner of many other amazing awards.

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